Calvin Klein Apparel - The History

One of the most iconic brands is coming to Evolve Menswear. Contemporary & stylish, the fashion juggernaut has cemented itself into the very fabric of our society, merging product, brand & lifestyle to create something truly unique. Read on for the full history of the iconic Calvin Klein.


Calvin Klein Apparrel - The History

Calvin Klein first set up shop in the York hotel in New York city in '68, looking to create a collection of ''youthful, understated coats & dresses''. Calvin Klein quickly gained popularity within the fashion community and within a year was featured on the cover of  Vogues September '69 issue, the most important issue for a fashion magazine.

With the booming success of the initial collection, Klein rapidly began expanding, adding sportswear, blazers & underwear to his collection. For three consecutive years Calvin Klein laid claim to the Coty American Fashion Critics award for his collection. By 1977, Calvin Klein was generation more than $30 million in revenue and had expanded the collection to include carves, shoes, belts, furs, cosmetics, jeans, menswear sunglasses and sheets.

Come the late '70s Calvin Klein jeans were in such high demand that over 200,000 pairs were sold within the first week. Their underwear was no different, with the iconic Mark Wahlberg promo images becoming a world wide sensation.



Klein was a famous designer in the '70s, but it wasn't until the '80s that the Calvin Klein we know today truly emerged. Calvin Klein underwear's popularity soared during this time period with over $600million in sales in 1984.
Klein's clothes were now available in over 12,000 stores over the US, UK, Ireland, Australia & Japan.

Through the '90s the brands popularity continued to explode, mainly through its sportswear, underwear & fragrance lines. Klein was named 'Americas best designer' in 1993, cementing it's his place as a fashion giant.



In 2002, Calvin Klein was finally sold to Phillips Van Heusen Corp for $400 million. Klein initially stayed on with the brand as creative lead, then creative advisor, before finally leaving the brand.

Calvin Klein continues to dominate the fashion world. The recent use of Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner as the face of Calvin Klein underwear has seen a dramatic increase in the sale of the brands apparel & underwear.



Calvin Klein is a powerhouse of the fashion industry, keep your eye out for the all new Calvin Klein Apparel, coming soon to Evolve Menswear.

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